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What Makes A Good Coworking Space?

Coworking is a type of shared office space. It’s a place where independent workers, remote ...

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Smart hospitals: how the hospitals of the future will look like

Today’s healthcare providers are becoming increasingly digitized, thanks to the emergence of smart ...

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How to improve office efficiency and boost employee wellbeing

Nurturing employee well-being is key to keeping optimum mental health standards and resilience in ...

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Paying for convenience: benefits of parcel delivery services

Property values are the main drivers for all transactional business in residential Real Estate. ...

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Smart Point Connected Buildings: sustainability and user experience

When a building acquires a Smart Point, the end users become connected to premium services designed ...

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Real estate investment: value-add operations with wellness services

Getting a good return on Real Estate investments is not an easy task. It is often assumed that the ...

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Smart Cities in EU: sustainability, technology, ecommerce and future

For decades, technology has become an integral and evolving part of our lives. Given its constant ...

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3 convenience services that will support your building’s ESG

Buildings across Europe undergo all sorts of works and renovations in order to become more ...

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Smart Point and the future of European cities

It is no secret: the urban distribution of goods is a great challenge for cities across Europe, and ...

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EU high-tech scale-ups address ESG: Smart Point at the PwC Scale PropTech program

In December 2021, Smart Point was selected to be a part of the PwC Scale | PropTech program, as one ...

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