29 September 2021

Smart Point represents Spain at the G20 Innovation League 2021

We are proud to announce that Smart Point has been chosen by the G20 as one of the Top 100 companies facing the main humandking challenges, representing Spain for #Green and #SmartMobility. This upcoming 9th and 10th of October Smart Point directors Tom Selva and Edward Hamilton have been invited to assist the special event in Sorrento hosted by the G20 Italian Presidency: the G20 Innovation League, where they will have the chance to present the Smart Point on a global stage in front of an audience of peers, investors, and corporates.


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H2- #RoadToSorrento: Smart Point travels to Italy for the G20 Innovation League!

This initiative, hosted by the G20 Italian Presidency, has also been organised and facilitated by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, the Italian Trade Agency (ITA-ICE), the Italian National Innovation Fund (FNI-CDP Venture Capital) and SIMEST, in collaboration with the Italian Ministry of Economic Development and the Ministry of Innovation and Digital Transition.

The event will be hosted at various prestigious Sorrento venues including the teatro Comunale Tasso, or online via streaming sessions, in a mixed digital and physical format to allow all attendants to be present despite the current travel restrictions. 

Once at the event, Tom and Ed will have the opportunity to attend many networking and pitching opportunities and meals, B2B meetings to create future possible partners, keynote sessions and more. They will also enter a competition to showcase how Smart Point's ground-breaking mobility solution for European cities can respond to and solve society’s ever-evolving needs with its disruptive technology with the potential of becoming one of the top 10 companies in the world to face the five main “challenges” currently being faced by humankind and the international trade opportunities that these challenges represent. 

H2- #SmartMobility: the top 5 humankind challenges and international trade opportunities

The competition is organised in 5 different sections representing 20 companies each, making reference to each one of the aforementioned challenges, which are: 

  • The challenge and opportunities of Cleantech
  • How to maximize the potential of AI while managing its risks
  • Augmenting humans through technology with IoT and wearables
  • Building smart cities and the future of mobility with a specific focus on green and smart mobility
  • Reinventing the future of Healthcare

The top 10 companies will be decided after several simultaneous pitch sessions, which will be focused on the challenges and the opportunity to improve international trade, investments and innovation for the benefit of mankind. The winners (top 10 startups) will then be announced during the final Plenary Panel. This will be followed by a handover between the Italian and the Indonesian presidency of the G20 innovation league at the Teatro Comunale Tasso, closing the event.



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